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Real Estate Round-Up, July 2017

Choosing the right type of home loan is a major financial decision affected by many factors, so it’s important to thoroughly evaluate all your options. Although many homeowners find the predictability of a fixed rate home loan reassuring, there are certain situations where an adjustable rate mortgage may be the better choice. Realtor Dan Barcelon explains the pros and cons of both types of loan payments in easy-to-understand terms, providing a great starting point for any homeowner-to-be who is investigating their mortgage options.
When is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage a Good Idea? by Dan Barcelon

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, adding an escalation clause into your real estate contract may be beneficial, especially in a high-demand market. Real estate leader Bill Gassett provides an in-depth analysis of how escalation clauses function, both from the perspective of the buyer and the seller. Although the inclusion of an escalation clause requires a knowledgeable real estate agent who can help decide if it’s the right move and avoid fraud or or confusion, it can increase a buyer’s confidence that their offer will win the home they desire.
What is an Escalation Clause and How Do They Work by Bill Gassett

The final walk-through of a home before a sale is closed isn’t just a formality; it’s a crucial last step that can delay or even kill a closing if not executed properly. To help prevent frustration and delays in this important phase of a real estate deal, Realtor Kyle Hiscock gives a list of the top ten most common problems that can arise in a final walk-through, and includes several suggestions on how to avoid or resolve them. Sellers can make the closing of a real estate deal a painless process if they heed the advice of this article.
Top 10 Final Walk-Through Issues That Can Delay or Kill a Closing by Kyle Hiscock

Buying a home is a major financial decision, so buyers will understandably want to save money where they can. For this reason, purchasing directly through a listing agent may seem like an attractive option. Realtor Kevin Vitali shares his personal experience on the subject, and dissects the reasons that this method often leads to the buyer losing out. He explains why cutting corners this way could lead to more problems in the long run, making the article a useful resource for any prospective home buyer.
Will Going Directly to the Listing Agent Save You Money? by Kevin Vitali

Although deed types and names can differ from state to state, there are certain general categories that any savvy home buyer should be aware of. In this detailed article, Paul Sian dives into the major types of real estate deeds so that new homeowners can ensure they choose the one that’s right for their specific situation. Since a deed can provide protection and peace of mind for homeowners, being aware of the nuances of each type is highly useful.
What to Know About Real Estate Deeds by Paul Sian

Choosing to sell your home is a major decision, so it’s in the seller’s best interest to do everything possible to ensure the process goes well. To that end, Real Estate Agent Lynn Pineda shares her picks for the top three things to examine closely before putting your house on the market. Even though the three tasks are relatively simple, Pineda stresses the major impact they can have on the selling process. Sellers can set themselves up for success by paying close attention to these few simple points.
3 Things to Scrutinize Before Selling A Home by Lynn Pineda

It’s a no-brainer: anyone selling property wants the outcome to be as lucrative as possible. In this article, strategic sales executive Xavier De Buck shares his best advice for getting the most out of the sale of your home. From understanding the market to optimizing for curb appeal, this list contains tips and strategies for maximizing profit. Selling real estate is a major undertaking, so this article is a good place to start in order to ensure a good profit from your sale.
5 Smart Ways to Sell Your Home for More Money by Xavier De Buck

One-size-fits-all doesn’t apply to real estate. The ideal home or location for one buyer may not be the right choice for another, and living on a golf course is no exception. While enthusiasts of the sport and those who are looking for community amenities and a highly social lifestyle may love golf course living, homeowners who prioritize privacy and the freedom to decorate their home as they wish may not. If you’re considering purchasing a home on a golf course, this article by realtor Anita Clark is a great way to explore whether it would be the right fit for your lifestyle.
Pros and Cons of Golf Course Living by Anita Clark

If you’re selling your home in a more competitive market, features that make it stand out from the rest can make all the difference. Realtor Debbie Drummond explains how incorporating smart technology into your home can increase perceived pride of ownership and value for potential buyers, so that you can increase the chances of your home being sold over another. Smart technology is beginning to make its way up the wishlists of many prospective buyers in high-demand markets, so the addition of some of these features may be just what your home needs to stand out and get sold.
Installing Smart Technology to Help Sell Your Home by Debbie Drummond

In a seller’s market especially, prospective buyers need to have a solid strategy in place in order to find success in obtaining their ideal home. Realtor Joe Boylan offers 14 insider tips in this blog post designed to educate homebuyers before they make their purchase. Having a plan before making a major financial move like buying a home is crucial, and the advice in this article provides a helpful foundation.
Tips on Buying a House by Joe Boylan

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